Nominations & Elections

OAPA relies on the dedication and energy of its members to lead the organization through service on the Board of Directors. Specific responsibilities and criteria for board leadership are outlined in OAPA governing documents and should be reviewed thoroughly prior to seeking nomination and election. Please contact with any questions.


Nomination & Election Timeline

February 8, 2024 Nomination Period Opens
March 18, 2024 Nomination Period Closes
March 29, 2024 Candidate Statements Published in March OAPA Newsletter
April 12, 2024 Floor Nominations and Write-Ins Accepted (at the OAPA Membership Meeting at the Pharmacology Conference)
April 17, 2024 Election Period Opens (ballots emailed to voting members)
May 1, 2024 Election Period Closes
May 31, 2024 Election Results Announced


Available Positions

President-Elect: Elected for a 3-year term (President-Elect, then President, then Immediate Past President), July 1, 2024-June 30, 2027

Secretary-Treasurer: Elected for a 2-year term, July 1, 2024-June 30, 2026

Regional Directors for Regions 3, 4, and 5: Elected for a 2-year term, July 1, 2024-June 30, 2026

One (1) Delegate to the AAPA House of Delegates: Elected for a 3-year term, July 1, 2024-June 30, 2027. The candidate must be willing to attend all AAPA House of Delegates sessions and OAPA Board meetings (although AAPA Delegates are not voting members of the OAPA Board).

Declaration of Candidacy

  • A candidate may declare for only one office.
  • Self-declaration is permitted.
  • A candidate must be a Fellow member of OAPA and AAPA for the duration of the term.
  • Candidates are required to provide a platform statement of 250 words or less for publication to the membership.
  • Space may be available at the membership meeting on April 12, 2024, for the display of campaign material.

Please note: The penalty for falsification of campaign literature or information supplied by the candidate to the Elections Committee will result in disqualification from the election, or if elected, forfeiture of their office. Individuals will also be considered for disciplinary action and/or denial of membership with OAPA. Individuals may also be referred to national PA organizations including AAPA and NCCPA.



Voter Eligibility


All eligible voters must have a valid email address to receive notifications and participate with online balloting. Please log in and review your profile to ensure that your OAPA membership record includes your current email address, along with information noted below.

To vote for Regional Director, one must:

  • Hold Fellow or Associate membership with OAPA at least fifteen (15) days prior to the election
  • Be listed in the OAPA database within the associated region (ensure your correct home address is listed, which determines your OAPA region)

To vote for AAPA House of Delegates, one must:

  • Hold Fellow membership with both OAPA and AAPA at least fifteen (15) days prior to the election
  • List your AAPA Membership ID in the OAPA database

To vote for all other positions, one must:

  • Hold Fellow or Associate membership with OAPA at least fifteen (15) days prior to the election