AAPA’s Six Key Elements

According to an AAPA Issue Brief:

"By including the PA profession in laws and designating a state agency to regulate PA practice, states both protect the public and define the role of PAs... AAPA has identified six specific components that the Academy believes all PA practice acts should contain. Together, these components are the backbone to creating an ideal PA practice act that allows PAs to practice fully and efficiently while protecting public health and safety."


Six Key Elements of a Modern PA Practice:

  1.  “Licensure” as the regulatory term
  2.  Full prescriptive authority
  3.  Scope of practice determined at the practice level
  4.  Adaptable proximity requirements
  5.  Chart co-signature requirements determined at the practice
  6.  No PA-physician ratio


Number of Key Elements in State PA Law (updated Oct 2022):

aapa 6 elements oct 2022 map


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