About Us

Ohio Association of Physician Assistants

Formed in 1978, the Ohio Association of Physician Assistants (OAPA) has provided a foundation for the PA profession for the state of Ohio. This organization promotes quality, cost-effective, accessible health care through the physician assistant – physician team approach. OAPA has and continues to strive to advance this profession through legislation, providing CME opportunities, and promoting our career to the general public. By becoming a member, you can be a part of this ever-growing organization.

History of OAPA and the PA Profession in Ohio  What is a PA?



It is the mission of the Association to:

  • Promote quality, cost-effective, accessible health care, and to promote the professional and personal development of physician assistants within the organization.
  • Provide the general membership with a forum for assembly regarding issues that relate to physician assistants.
  • Facilitate mutual assistance and support of physician assistants, health professionals and health services by organizing and disseminating health care information through forums, panels, and other similar programs concerning the delivery and quality of health care services within Ohio.